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Feb 2nd

A.K.A. Imbolg, Imbolgc, Brigantia (English), Brigindo (Gau), Brigandu (French), Oimelc (Scotch Gaelic), Uimelc, Brigid's Day, Lupercalia, Disting, Candlemas (Christain), Feast of Torches.

The Goddess and The God this time of Year:
The Goddess is recovering from giving birth and is Imbolc "in milk" for her child.  It takes six weeks for a woman to recover from childbirth, and the Goddess is no different.  On this day she becomes the Maiden once again.

What our World is like at this time of the Year:
The promise of Spring is here, though it may not yet feel like Spring.  Beneath the ice encrusted soil, life is beginning to grow and quicken.  Birds return in anticipation of the warmth and food they will find.  New buds are developing on the trees.  The days are becoming slightly longer and warmer.

What mundane things to do during this season:
Enjoy the outdoors once again.  The afternoon is usually warm enough to begin walking.  If the weather permits, Spring clean your house.  Begin to till, mulch, and fertilizer into your garden if the ground is not frozen.  Look through seed catalogs and figure out what you want to plant this year.

What mundane things to do on this Sabbat:
Make homemade ice cream or yogurt.  Put the Yule lights back on your house in order to honor Brigid.  Leave all the windows open to let fresh air in your house.

What spells and Magick correspond to this Sabbat:
Spend a good part of the day itself making candles for spells you may cast through out the year.  You can even have a candle making party and dip your own candles.  Or write new liturgical (ritual) poetry for different parts of the ritual.  Use Brigid's fire to purify your house by placing candles though out your home.

What you can include in your rituals:
Imbolc is one of the traditional days when new coven members are initiated, dedicated or coveners celebrate raising a level.  If you are a solitary, use this day to self-dedicate.  Have a different coven member recite their poetry, or, if you are a solitary, recite your own poetry.

Other correspondences:
Colors: White, light blue, light or spring green.
Food: Dairy products.
Herbs, scents and oils: Rose, cedar, juniper.
Tools: Fire, candles, water, seeds, brooms.
Decorations: Early flowers, candles.
a bit of Imbolc info for those wanting to know a little more about the holiday.
i have had this info on my computer for years, so i am unsure of the original author, if anyone is aware who wrote it, let me know and i will give her/him credit.

writing (c) the respective author
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Imbolc's always been one of my favourites (maybe having my best friend born almost on the very day helps ;))

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